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An everyday backpack. Made for everyday with 100% vegetable tanned leather.


Collar y correa de cuero de curtido vegetal, con herrajes de bronce de seguridad y una argolla soldada.

Frey Canvas

Explorá el mundo con la más completa de nuestras mochilas.

Sailors® Collection

Made with recycled sails

  • Mallorca Tote – Sailors® Edition


  • Skipper Duffel 24L – Sailors® Edition


  • Oregon Backpack – Sailors® Edition


  • Skipper Duffel 40L – Sailors® Edition


Crafts Company Since 2012


Mother earth comes always first, no excuse.

Our first collection Sailors®, fully made with recycled sails and our yearly collaboration with Banco de Bosques through 1% For The Planet are some examples of that.


We work in small batches of between 10 and 30 units, allowing us to pay attention even to the smallest details.

Also, due to the nature of our materials and the handcrafted processes like the cotton dyeing, each product ends up being one of a kind.


We love our culture. We grew up splitting time between the intensity of Buenos Aires and the loneliness of the pampean countryside. We enjoy the Patagonian landscapes and the northwestern peace.

All of this is reflected not only in the shapes and textures of our products, but also in the crafts that are part of our process.

White Label Collection

Vegetable tanned leather made products.

  • Pampa Tote


Our products

  • Kumiko Backpack